MBP Capital, Inc. (“MBP”) was founded by Mike Phillips and Cathy Finn (collectively, the “Key Principals”) in 2006 to focus on the acquisition and investment management of multifamily residential properties, located predominantly in Texas and Colorado.  The Key Principals of MBP have been involved in over 250 successful brokerage transactions, the ownership of over 5,000 multifamily units and the management of over 30,000 A, B & C Class multifamily units in Colorado and Texas.

MBP is a private multifamily investment manager with strong experience and presence in major metropolitan markets in Texas and Colorado. MBP is a vertically integrated real estate investment firm, with a property management subsidiary which provides management services to MBP properties totaling approximately 3,000 units across Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio.

MBP Real Estate Fund I, L.P. (the “Partnership” or the “Fund”), is an investment fund formed by MBP Capital GP LLC (the “General Partner”) to invest in multifamily residential real estate assets, primarily Class B properties, located in markets in Texas and Colorado, including Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Denver (collectively, the “Investments”).

The Fund will seek to (a) utilize MBP’s extensive investment and asset management experience, as well as its disciplined research and underwriting capabilities to identify Investments with in-place cash flows and significant value-add appreciation potential and (b) generate attractive returns, in the form of both current operating cash flow and capital appreciation, through improved property management and/or capital improvements.