Property & Construction Management

MBP currently oversees the management of approximately 3,000 A, B and C Class multifamily units in San Antonio and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Due to being fully integrated, we handle every aspect of asset identification, financing, operations, onsite management, renovations and dispositions in house. MBP has overseen over $27,000,000 of renovations in the past 36 months alone.

Vertically Integrated Platform

MBP’s management platform provides expertise across the full spectrum of real estate investment management disciplines, including asset management, property management, construction management, information technology, and financial reporting. MBP believes its in-house management platform represents a competitive advantage in the acquisition and management of multifamily assets through efficient and timely decision making and direct control over business planning and execution as it minimizes cost through economies of scale and incorporates the collective experience of its multi-disciplined personnel from both corporate and local offices.

Adding Value

Our investor centered approach and extreme success driven culture gives MBP a competitive advantage in the multifamily real estate sector.  From strong accounting and reporting to tactful property identification and strategic value-add capital improvements, we operate each asset based on our long term hard earned experience. We capitalize upon every opportunity with a plan of action that gives the property the best chance for strong positive returns; all the while creating better and more enjoyable communities for our residents.   We invest, broker and manage all properties that come under the MBP banner. We are intimately involved in every asset from: the property identification and acquisition, the purchase negotiation, feasibility studies, debt and equity, transaction closing, management take-over and operations, capital improvements, accounting, reporting, and asset disposition.

Investment Strategy

MBP focuses on making value-add investments in multifamily residential properties, typically Class B, located in major markets in Texas and Colorado, as well as in other key markets in the U.S. Metropolitan areas targeted will include, among others, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Denver, where MBP has focused its investment activities to date.

MBP has a well-developed network through which it identifies and evaluates potential acquisitions. MBP’s sources for prospective acquisitions range from management’s contacts with property owners, brokers, banks, service providers, and other potential multifamily property sellers. MBP proactively pursues acquisitions using its proven deal sourcing network and industry relationships, thereby creating a competitive advantage with the goal of avoiding bidding situations and auctions.

Value-add initiatives applied by MBP may include a combination of the following: (i) interior unit upgrades; (ii) improving the property’s curb appeal and visibility; (iii) amenity renovations and other necessary capital improvement projects; (iv) implementation of staffing programs; (v) preparation of monthly reporting packages with detailed variance analysis and ongoing evaluation of operations; and (vi) utilization of sophisticated property management and rent optimization software in order to maximize cash flow. MBP’s owner-operator, hands-on approach and involvement in the day-to-day operations of the properties are expected to improve occupancy rates and drive rent growth.

MBP will target assets that include, but are not limited to:

    • Properties that could benefit from capital upgrade programs, including interior upgrades and exterior upgrades and amenities that make the property more attractive relative to other properties in the same vicinity;
    • Properties held by motivated sellers facing balance sheet and liquidity challenges;
    • Properties that are mismanaged;
    • Properties renting below market rates; and
    • Properties with under-managed operations or failed business plan execution where an opportunity exists to improve performance.